All Things Empathy

Hey humanity, it’s time to reconnect.

We are here for the ‘us’, ‘them’ and the ‘inbetween’. Because above all, we value people.


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Why Empathy

We started All Things Empathy because of the fear and division we’re seeing in the world.
When we’re in fear mode, we stop asking questions, stop listening, and stop celebrating the good.
We turn inwards into our views, our media, our tribe.
And the door for compassion beyond these borders closes.

We have another option.
Empathy helps us take informed actions.
Driven by curiousity and kindness instead of by fear.
Empathy is a bridge; it’s a mediator.
Without it we can’t be fair, grateful, forgive, lead or love.
Without it, there’s little integrity in the change and growth we’re seeking.

We hope this platform is like a breath of fresh air.
A place to reconnect as humanity.


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