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empathy and connection.
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reconnecting us as humanity.

Hi humanity, 

We disagree on a lot these days. 😬 

That’s okay, disagreement is a healthy thing. 🍎

We all see the world differently, and hope for different things. Naturally, when the things we hope for clash, conflict arises. But the more intense we get about the things we hope for, the more extreme the conflict becomes. ⚔️

We seem to care more about being right, than about being a kind person. 📣

It’s getting harder to be honest with each other. 🎭

And possibly worst of all we stop talking altogether. 💔

Think about a mug. If it gets a crack in it, you probably throw it out. ☕

No big deal (unless it was your favourite mug). But when we treat people in the same way, things get kind of tricky. 🙍

The tricky part is that humans need connection. When we lose our ability to authentically connect, things don’t make sense. It’s no secret depression, anxiety and loneliness are rising at alarming rates. ☔

We believe one part of addressing this is to value honesty, connection and empathy above most other things.

To help us see the humanity in each another again.

Because whether we like it or not, we are in this together – til death do us part. 🪦

Yes, this won’t fix everything. But if we genuinely want things to get better, we have to start reconnecting for connections sake. Only then can we uncover what we have in common, rather than only seeing what sets us apart. 🌱

Here at All Things Empathy, we don’t have all the answers on how to do this. Far from it.

That’s why we created #empathywalking to invite the world to this journey with us so we can figure it out together. 🌎

We want to learn all we can about what it means to connect, forgive and move forward with integrity in our communities.💡

We want to celebrate

countercultural people,

like you,

who aren’t buying the deceptive narratives seeking to divide us. You know that real progress exists beyond double standards and fighting fire with fire. You are ready to lead by example, and kill them with kindness instead. ⚖️

This is our ❤️ letter to the world. It’s for the ‘us’, ‘them’ and the ‘in between’.

See you at #empathywalking. Find out more below.


All Things Empathy

be an empathy walking contributor

We have a theory that if we valued honesty, empathy and connection above most other things, it would help us move forward and live healthier and more fulfilling lives. But we can’t really know if this is true without you. We’re here to learn all we can by building the world’s biggest living collection of stories, ideas and tools to help us reconnect as humanity. Here’s how you can help.

1. Take some time to reflect 🪴

What has your experience of honesty, empathy and connection been lately?
Why is this important to me?
What gets in the way of these things in my life?

2.  Make someone’s day 💃🏽🕺🏽

What impact will honesty, empathy and connection* have on people in my life?
Is there anyone I’ve been meaning to reconnect or connect with?
What small step could I take today or tomorrow?

3. Did I learn something new to share with others? ✍🏻

If social media is your thing, head to Instagram and use #empathywalking
OR post a letter via our empathy postbox below. 📮

Keep it analog: keep a journal, or have a great story to share at the next family gathering or catch up with mates.

4. Stick around for the journey ✈️

#empathywalking will be a real time, open source living library made by the people for the people. It’s still early days but stick around and follow the journey with us.

*There are heaps of other communities linking empathy to a political or social agenda. We’re here for honesty, empathy and connection in their own right, listening with the intent to learn, making someone’s day, that kind of thing.


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